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Benefizkonzert mit Birgit Beer




Guten Abend und herzlich Willkommen in St. Bonifatius.

Good evening and a very warm welcome to St Bonifatius on this very special occasion, that is a classical night of music from Germany, Austria and Hungary and the world of operetta, chanson and musical theatre.

In the Jewish-Christian tradition  places of worship have always been full of music and dance as an expression of joy and thanksgiving.

King David was a master of music. His songs (known as psalms) made their way into the Holy Bible and are sung in synagogues and churches around the world up to this very day. The Prophet Mirijam sang and danced when the People of Israel successfully crossed the Red Sea.

Tonight it gives me great pleasure to welcome Birgit Beer, who usually performs in all the great houses of music in Europe, but agreed to be with us for this charity concert.

Enjoy! And please welcome Birgit Beer & Friends!

Fotos: Susi Underwood
Gerne verweisen wir an dieser Stelle auch auf Birgits nächsten Auftritt
am 9. März 2022 im Cabaret-Club The Pheasantry in Chelsea.


Für Bilderläuterungen bitte mit dem Cursor über die Fotos gehen.

Für Bilderläuterungen bitte mit dem Cursor über die Fotos gehen.

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